What we are about

Who we are:    our website is www.walkaboutwater.blogspot.com  find us on facebook -search  Walk About Water
1. Six women from NY and PA, grateful to live in a place of abundant clean water
2. We represent Mothers, Grandmothers, Sisters, and Daughters
3. We are moved to action by the threat of contaminated water from the extraction of fossil fuels.
4.Our concern over the harm that will come to our families and future generations
prevents us from simply living our lives peacefully and gratefully.
5. We demand that public health and quality of life for future generations take priority in  decisions that affect everyone.
6. To illustrate our concerns we are carrying the most precious substance on the planet -water -90 miles on foot.
7. We do this to bring attention to how precious and vulnerable this essential resource truly is.
8 The need for clean water is something everyone has in common.
9. We seek to make this important point by visibly honoring what we love.
10 We  bring good wishes to all water drinkers and bath takers.
When and where we are walking:
11. We are starting our walk on Aden Road, next to the Neversink Reservoir on Sunday April 17 at 9 am.
12. We will be walking between 12 and 18 miles a day.
13. Our destination is Salt Spring State Park.  Sat April 23
14. We are ending there with a daylong celebration which begins at 10am.
15. We designed our action to include people we meet along our way and
16. we have local events happening at many of our stops along the way.
17. Our map and program schedule  is available on our website as a pdf file. http://www.walkaboutwater.blogspot.com/
18. Parts of our route are very beautiful for walking, we welcome company on the back roads but
19. Not where there is faster traffic and narrow shoulders. Please walk responsibly.
20. If you want to carry something, bring along a pitcher or teapot, tin cup, watering can or bucket 
      as an illustration of our universal need for water.
To support our action:
21.We are fundraising to cover our expenses and to benefit Shaletest, an organization dedicated to environmental testing.
22. If you want to recieve a tax deduction please donate directly to http://www.shaletest.org/  Your donation will help provide air, water or soil testing for those in need.
23. We need money for gas for our support crew, park fees, food and lodging.
24. For a fun way to support Walk About Water  get a 5 foot length of 1 1/2 inch  wide fabric ribbon and get four of your friends togehter  and  paint your names or message on it. Each person donates 4 or 5 dollars, get them to us and we will make the ribbons into streamers for us to carry as we walk along.
25. You can mail ribbons and donations to Walk about Water, PO Box 222, Boiceville NY 12412
26.We also have some pretty T-shirts for sale available on our website and facebook.
www.walkaboutwater.blogspot.com  and find us on facebook search  Walk About Water

27. When the intersections of politics, economics and science result in a situation that bears no resemblance to common sense, art is the only sane response.

28. Water is eternal. Gas is so temporary it is gone the instant it is useful.

29. We women refuse to sit quietly while clean water needed by everyone is foolishly squandered in the pursit of temporary benefits.

30. Water is life and like it or not, we are all wet together.