Walk about Water in Ulster County Health Department

Walk about Water meets the Health Department to discuss shale mining. Possibilities emerge within the non-adversarial approach.
Approach your local health department for information and leadership and explain your fears and concerns about shale gas mining. They need our persistent ask at every level to be able to shift the official realm of possibility


We were deeply moved by the people of the community we encountered in Callicoon. We were so thoroughly welcomed and so pleased to observe the creative and fun expressions arising  to meet our action. The people of Callicoon donated generously, made us beautiful ribbons to add to our streamer and brought out the yummiest things to eat. The men who addressed us spoke from their hearts about things that matter, food and water and trust within the community. When everyone walked with us out over the bridge and began throwing daffodils down to be carried away by the mighty Delaware I began to know right then, everything is going to be OK after all. Of course, we will take a stand for clean water!  
 We are grateful to the Delaware Youth Center for the use of their lovely pavilion and to Mary Handler, Kate Bowers and Ginny Boyle for their gentle clear wisdom and excellent coordinating efforts. The love we received as we passed through Callicoon got us through a day of pouring rain, and we were still laughing at the end of it. Thank you Callicoon and Jeffersonville, and points in  between. Keep on being  the wonderful places you are.